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    Changzhou Fangzheng Chemical Co,.Ltd.

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    Add: HouyangChemical Garden, Jintan, Jiangsu, China
    Contact: XuQuanliang  DingGuoqing
    TEL: +86-519-82612158 / 82613158 / 82619158
    FAX: +86-519-82613399

    Changzhou Fangzheng Chemical Co,.Ltd.,is founded in 1998.and has two branching factories in Lianyungang City and Shandong Province and covering an area of 54162 square meters. Since our foundation, we have been dedicating to the research and development of fine chemicals.At present, we mainly dedicate to the manufacturing of pharmaceutical intermediate and pyrethroid pesticide intermediates.With the principle of emphasis on the technology, quality and credit,our employees are making all their efforts to devote to the company.

    Located in Jintan County,Changzhou City, we sincerely welcome old and new customers of domestic and abroad to visit us for business discussion!

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